René Hale charcoal artist offers authentic African Animal Art & Prints.  If you’re looking for an original wildlife artwork form an artist who captures the drama of the African bush, the intoxicating eyes of the male lion, the playfulness of hugging meercats, the power of a leopard prowling the night for prey, the calm presence of a wise old night owl, the comical reaction of a startled ostrich, then you’re in the right place!


African Charcoal Art

René Hale offers commissioned charcoal wildlife drawings to customers all over the world. Please contact her directly for a quote.

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rene hale charcoal artist

René Hale is an exceptional charcoal artist working and living in Southern Africa. A woman of great passion, her art reflects her desire to capture the soul of her subject. Working comfortably in charcoal, pencil, oil and water colour (and always looking to experiment) she brings something unique to each piece.

Her charcoal pieces often draw the onlooker deep into the essence of an animal, with particular attention to the eyes – the mirror of the soul. Using a variety of tools, often invented for other purposes, she loves to play with the texture of the paper – bringing out perhaps the roughness of a rhino horn, or scalping the paper to mimic the texture of a lion’s impressive mane, or a battle scarred nose. 

Her oil paintings capture the colours, smells, patterns and the sheer extravagance of the Africa she was born in and loves.

Her passion for the bush, hiking, sports and anything outdoors, interior decor and her talent as a musician all find their way into the tools of her trade, giving her art an energy and vibrancy that is both arresting and beautiful.

She works from commissions, photographs and painting on site, and her pieces are available as originals and prints – with alternative funky ideas on how to present her art always around the next corner … just as soon as she invents a new way to do it!


As a charcoal artist I draw my inspiration from various sources.  Two specific individuals however stands out.  I love these guys and their styles fascinate me.  I’m happy to share with you Michael James Smith and C Fiddler Art.

I invite you to please visit my online gallery to view the charcoal prints currently available for purchase. My subjects include animals and birds of the African bushveld, from the majestic male lion to the iconic ostrich, the indigenous Cape buffalo, and the breath-taking leopard. Choose from a wide selection of original charcoal drawings or high-quality prints. Transform your personal space with a one-of-a-kind authentic art piece.

Original drawings are for sale but cannot be purchased online. If you are interested in ordering an original please contact René directly by email, or send a message through the website’s contact page.


René Hale is proud to present her unique and intriguing artwork that depicts African wildlife – internationally renowned for quality, detail and imagination. René’s original paintings and wildlife prints are minimalist and elegant, concentrating exclusively on the intricacy of each animal.  Whether you are looking for an original fine art painting or a high-quality art print, René Fine Art has various original fine art paintings and prints to choose from.


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